Start A Creative Career In Dance

In today’s digital age, so much emphasis is being laid on education & corporate work culture that Arts & Creativity is no longer considered as a career options. Art forms like dance not only are an essential part of an individuals complete well being but can be rewarding & satisfying jobs!

The Swingers Dance Inc has created a platform, for passionate dancers aspiring to be teachers & budding dance instructors to learn & earn. We are at a time where the dance industry opportunities and requirements are plentiful but there is a lack of qualified teachers who undergo structured training to become a dance teacher.

We are on the look out for dedicated and hardworking dancers & teachers to take up a full time creative & lucrative career in dance. This is a dream dance job with stable employment, best in industry pay scale, per annum CTC salary package, opportunity to travel & learn, reliable & assured employment just like benefits of choosing any other IT or Corporate Career.


Here is what are teachers have to say ?

“I joined The Swingers Dance as a teens batch student when I was in 8th grade & come from a conservative south Indian family. Never did I imagine that I will be teacher here that too while I am still in college. My teachers & the company on a whole inspired me & brought out the dance profession in my. My friends & especially my parents see me as a different person than I started in all aspects of life. Not only am I proud to be the youngest teacher with this company, but the constant support keeps me motivated!Earning at such a young age is a great feeling but greater still is the satisfaction I get when I see the smiles & performances of the kids of my class. I cannot wait to see what The Swingers is going to add to my life….”- Sahana  – Instructor, The Swingers Dance Inc.

“I am from a very humble family background, without any educational support or Dance knowledge. I joined with just my passion towards dance and The Swingers have given me training and content, which has transformed my entire life style!Now, Dance is my Full Time Job, and I can proudly say, I earn as much as a Corporate Middle Level Executive. My Thanks to God, who helped me choose and Join The Swingers!Am still learning more and more and more …… All extra-ordinary people start their Journey as ordinary. I am on the process, with the Swingers guidance and my hunger for dance, I will reach that position one day!    Vinoth M – Instructor, The Swinger Dance Inc. 

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