We welcome our new Creative Head – Mr. Harish Venkatrayan

The Swingers take the opportunity in introducing one of the new members who joined the company recently,  who is highly creative and he has been in many business verticals throughout his career, now he has leaped as Creative Head at The Swingers dance Inc, Chennai. Here is an interview to find out about his Inspiring journey and his excitement to join The Swingers Dance Inc, Chennai.


Harish has 20+ years of experience in Marketing, Sales, and Operations. He started his career with NIS and later moved on to McKinsey and Company. He has worked with major corporate houses in India, the US, SEA, and the Middle East. Experienced in International business standards. He has headed successful joint ventures and turnkey projects. Expertise in Consulting / IT & ITeS / HR / Retail and Aviation verticals.

Hi Harish, tell us how does it feel to be a part of Swingers Dance Inc as the Creative Head?

Going by the designation, it gives me great pleasure to join The Swingers. Feels like I have re-winded 15 years of my career. It is young, energetic and positive. Looking forward to the best of days ahead in this new journey.


How is this position different from all the other jobs you have done?

Being creative had always been throughout my career, irrespective of the business vertical I have worked, unless and until one is not creative, the work becomes strenuous and monotonous. My current position offers me a wide scope to express and explore as this business vertical demands to be creative in all aspects and activities to be implemented.


How does your previous experience bring value addition to this current role?

20+ years of experience has given me enough exposure to explore new horizons in business development, implementing fresh work standards and setting up a professional atmosphere within the organization. Brand positioning and taking the company to the next level in terms of expansion and financial scalability.


What are your short term and long term goals?

Branding, implementing an effective SOP within the organization, positive and energetic work culture and expanding the business globally.


All the best Mr. Harish, we are excited that you have joined us and we wish you all the best for your future with The Swingers Dance.


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