Food and Fitness during Festive Season

We’re deep into the festive season that brings along house parties. And what comes with that? Plates full of delicious food. The very thought of that makes the mouth water, but then you also sense a fear — that of putting on more kilos than you lost with all that strict diet and fitness regime.

The art of eating at a party

1) Pre-party starvation
The worst thing you could do is going to a party with an empty stomach. It will make you a binge-eater who devours everything served to him or her. One tends to make poor food choices when extremely hungry. So, opt for a healthy snack such as an apple 20-30 minutes before you reach the party. Serotonin level tends to drop when you are empty stomach. Hence, you start to feel anxious and stressed when you go without eating for a longer period of time. That’s how binge eating starts.

2) Scan the menu
The key to smart food selection is to patiently scan the menu. Carefully look at it and plan what you are going to eat, how much you are going to eat and how you are going to pace yourself while eating. These steps are important to consider because they prevent you from overeating and your plate from overflowing with food.

3) Pick light food
Go for steamed, grilled, and sautéed meat and fish and avoid fried finger snacks. Also, say no to heavy dips. They are loaded with calories. You can also go for salads, but avoid ones that are over-sauced. Go for those that have lighter dressings.

4) Fruity deserts
Desserts are irresistible and are the ideal way to finish your course. Fruit-based desserts such as fruit yoghurt sorbets are light on the stomach and are a wiser choice than syrup-soaked rasgullas and fried desserts such as jalebis.

5) Not having enough water
Sipping cold drinks during festive gatherings would make you dehydrated and increase your calorie intake. Drinking water regularly is a must as it helps to detox. Sipping on coconut water while engaging in hearty laughs and conversations is a good choice to keep yourself hydrated and healthy during the festive season.

6) Don’t hover around food
If you are finished with your meals, then don’t roam around the dinner area because you will end up overeating. Divert your attention by engaging in a conversation with your friends and family. At the same time, make sure that you eat well at the party, so that you don’t feel hungry when you reach home. So, remember to eat in moderation, pace your meal and enjoy it thoroughly.

To cut the long story short when u cannot resist the temptation to gorge on foods, once in a while binge eating is good as long as you burn equal amount of calories.

Food and Fitness During Festive Season.jpg

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