From Dance Teacher to Entrepreneur ft. Mahesh

The Swingers take opportunity in introducing one of the senior faculty members who joined the company over 15 Years ago, later he got himself uplifted by his hard work, commitment and ownership, he is an extremely versatile dancer and highly creative choreographer, he has trained thousands of students at the swingers, he has presented many choreography’s at all the Swingers performance, he also got him trained worldwide at some of the finest dance institutions & now he is all set to take leap as an entrepreneur & partner at The Swingers dance inc, Bangalore. Here is a small interview to find his Inspiring journey as a dance teacher and his excitement to take up the swingers new centers in Bangalore.

Hi Mahesh, tell us how was your journey last 15 years with swingers?

I can bet no one had ever got opportunities and blessings the way I received from this place (2004 Feb 14th), I joined as a normal regular dancer with usual dreams like any other dancers would’ve had, in terms of learning new things, perform in various platforms, get recognized, etc. Later it made me realize that there is a purpose for everything we get in life.  And God showed the way till today & swingers holding my hand to help me walk with it.

How did swingers play a role in your life?

I would still be dancing in few events and shows if I hadn’t been a part of swingers. But to survive I would’ve done some office job like I did before. It will be wrong if I say it “played” a role because it’s still playing the best role to reach my dreams.

How did you manage to inspire so many students?

I remember all the hardships i had gone through to learn dance. The audience applause was the only thing I could remember that satisfied my hunger, My teachers knew I had no proper food nor money to pay fees. Today I’m here because of those teachers who helped me . I always wanted to pass on whatever I learned to the next person, I still remember 2005 groove n summer Prasanna sir sent me to Bangalore to take classes, he said: “It’s easy to become the best dancer, but not as the best teacher” this line was always there in my mind which pushed me to observe & learn many techniques to teach harder steps in an easy way. I also performed & showed every step just to show the difference between recapping & performing, That is one of the reasons my students are inspired to come back to my classes.

 So, tell us about your new role as a Partner at the swingers dance organization, are you excited?

First, I want to thank swingers for helping me grow to much higher levels. It’s always been a second family to me. In fact, I spend more time here than my real family. Sir has always been behind my back and worried about my future, Before I could think, he had already planned for my better future. I feel like i took too much time to realize that. It is not an easy role to play as a partner. But I’m still going to love this journey because this is going to be another turning point of my life. If u ask if I’m excited? I would say 100% Yes. If you ask am I nervous?  I would say not anymore💪😎.

So, what are your future plans for the swingers at Bangalore?

I’ve always wanted bangalore to have more branches like Chennai. It should be a more recognized dance company in India. I used to feel sad that why we haven’t done many shows & events like any other well-known dance companies, But today I feel thank god we were so different from any other commercial dance company’s.

At this point, I swear I’m going to be the best example for other faculty members to realize the worth of time spent in this company for their future growth. I’m going to bring & produce more talents for my company. We might not be performers like others but will strive to have many branches & to give a better platform for many hidden talents. These are my plans and I am going to make it happen.

All the best Mahesh, we are happy that your hard work has come into recognition and wishing you all the best for your near future.

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