Our Employee of the month of April 2019 was crowned at this week’s company meeting as Sham Sunder, works as Branch Manager for our Adyar branch.

During April, Sham has shown flexibility and commitment after spending a considerable time working on site to fill seats for this workshop, clocking up lots of hours.

So we decided to speak to Sham to find out how he works to attain his goals and his experience working with us!

  1. So Sham, How long you’ve been associated with Swingers?

–  I am working since 08 December 2014.

  1. Could you share your experience working with us?

–  This is the Happiest Part of my Professional Life.

  1. What do you think is a biggest challenge in your work?

–  Growing in Terms of Business is the Biggest Challenge.

  1. How is the work culture at Swingers?

–  Good Culture with Scope for Learning, Freedom to Work and Enjoy Work.

  1. What’s your strategy in achieving your given numbers?

–  Constantly follow Enquiries with Genuine, Brief and Thorough                                                       Information.

Constantly follow Assured and Expected Joining’s of Discontinues.

So a big thank you to Sham for putting extra effort this month to satisfy our customers.


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