Come Fly with Deepak to Newyork City



The Swingers happy to announce that one of our senior member of the Company & Dance Faculty Mr. Deepak will be going to NewYork on 11th March 2019  for short term intensive programme at Broadway Dance Center & Peridance . The full scholarship of his dance education & research is sponsored by The Swingers Dance Inc .

Deepak works as a team leader for corporate company and teaches dance during the evenings & Weekends ,his calmness in approach made learning dance joyful & interesting to his students. This week he is all set to take off his dance passion to whole new level by expanding is dance knowledge with few of the worlds best, and he is even excited to bring back the information to share it with students of The Swingers Dance Inc

So we decided to speak to deepak to find out his pulse on traveling to dance capital newyork city.

So Deepak first of all tell us how do you manage between working corporate and teaching dance ?

  • Dance is my passion and life for me so it drives to plan in advance to manage tasks in my corporate job and as well as in my dance teaching careers. So plan ahead and stay ahead

What made you take your dance passion as a part-time career?

  • As I said earlier dance is my passion and life to me, the more I dance the more I learn so it creates positive aura within me, so it is helping me to be a better human. Last but the least I am being paid very good compensation of as my corporate job.

How excited are you to travel to dance capital of the world ?

  • No words can be explained about my excitement. My long time dream come true. It will surely help to explore the world of dance and enhance my dancing skills. Thanks to The Swingers Dance Inc.

What are the other things, you planning to do at newyork city ?

  • First time I am traveling to New York City other then my dance training and research ,I am planning to go see some Broadway Dance Show and meet few inspiring people in artistic community .

So what is that you will be bringing back to your students? 

  • A lot of information, more knowledge , technique and quality of teaching.

How does The Swingers Dance Inc Impacted on your life?

  • The Swingers Dance Inc is one biggest platform where I learned all basics of

western dance, discipline and, commitment level. Helps me to be a better human being.


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