Inspirations Experience


Inspirations is held on March 11, 2018. The Annual dance event is an once in a lifetime experience, is entering its 20th year! Dressed in shiny golden shirts, bright yellows and other vibrant colours, tiny feet moved swiftly, on par with the beats. The students of The Swingers Dance Company recently came together for their annual dance festival ‘Inspirations 2018’, as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations.

Over 1000+ dancers, more than 40 performance, 1 grand evening!


“When we started in 1998, we had hardly five or six students, and today we have taught over one lakh students. We have always been trying to promote dance as a feel-good medium and for fitness,We are the kind of crew who believe in celebrations and not celebrities” said Prasanna, Artistic Director.

“The journey has been great for me personally, because it keeps challenging me and helps me grow,” said Archana MB, Creative Head.

The team prepared for the event over the past few months and the process was stress-free.

“We have been doing this for the last 20 years now. We made mistakes, corrected them and now we have learnt so much” she added.

‘Inspirations’ focuses on different themes and the team tries to make the show as entertaining and up-to-date as possible.

Over 1,000 dancers (aged 3 to 60) and instructors took the stage this year to showcase their killer moves and the audience couldn’t contain their excitement.The program began with a performance by the instructors then showcased different dance forms like contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, salsa, etc.

“It was a one hell of a night, even now I can feel that Goosebumps In me” – Mahesh, Instructor.

Like every year, this year too they had some special themed performances including Avatar, Harry Potter, Saving the children, Tribal Lion King, Mickey Mouse, Emoji.


“This is his/her first performance on stage, I was a bit scared but he/she wasn’t thanks to the swingers for making him brave” – Priyanka, Parent.


And there came a performance by children with special needs. The whole theatre cheered them and joined their hands with us to celebrate our 20th year in Dance. Yes this was the moment we launched our official new logo for the Swingers.

Adding that through the performances they wanted to give out the message of oneness and equality.


The show was Choreographed under the guidance of Prasanna Kumar, internationally acclaimed choreographer and artistic director at The Swingers, along with other Choreographers and Assistance — Archana, Mahesh, Deepak, Vinoth, Srini, Tarun, Sahana, Samyucktha, Malini, Prem, Aishwarya, Sarvesh.





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