2 Day Choreography Workshop


The Swingers Dance inc presents
Swag with Karishma Chavan – Choreography Workshop

                                    Karishma Chavan is a renowned dancer and choreographer, with over a decade of experience in the field of dance. Karishma started dancing at the age of 6 but only at cultural programs. In Shiamak Davar, she found her first source of inspiration. Walking into his class, she realised that dance is all she wants to do in life. Later on, she also received training at Terence Lewis Dance Academy, Broadway Dance Centre and Salsa India. She was also part of the all-girls dance group, ‘Female Fatale.’ However, in spite of being so immensely talented, Karishma was never given the opportunity to be a part of any professional dance training program on the ridiculous ground of her being fat.

Karishma’s weight was always seen as an impediment to her talent by the people in the industry.  There were days when the costumes didn’t fit while on other days, she was too tall or fair to stand behind the leading artist. Every reason was more preposterous than the others. In spite of the body shaming faced by her on a daily basis, Karishma didn’t let the narrow-minded people pull her down. In fact, it motivated her to work harder on herself to improve her art. Soon she became immune to all the negativity around her.

After coming so far in her career, Karishma shares that a career in dance is certainly not a cakewalk. She also expresses her disapproval of several inexperienced choreographers who have entered the dance field, making it difficult for choreographers like her to secure their place in the cutthroat competition. If one is planning to pursue it, one should be mentally prepared for a bumpy ride ahead. But remember, nothing is impossible with hard work and dedication.


The Swingers Dance Inc. conducted 2 Days Choreography Workshop by the Swag Queen Karishma Chavan on 20 and 21 of this month.


Karishma’s message,

“Dance for yourself but also be realistic.”

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